Words by Arlo Huxley Peace  aged 6. 




6 thoughts on “Words by Arlo Huxley Peace  aged 6. 

  1. Louise Dalton

    I know exactly how he feels as I contracted the disease at the age of 4. 46 years later, I’m pleased to say that I am complication free and continue to live a very active and normal life. My father taught me, that if I looked after myself I could lead a better life than others and he was so right.
    I also know how it feels to be a parent of a diabetic too as my own son contracted diabetes at the age of 5. He’s now 17 and doing well too.
    Teach him to be positive, the most important lesson my father taught me was, it’s not the diabetes, it’s the way you see the diabetes. I can honestly say that now I can see that it has made me a much stronger person.
    My very Best Wishes to you Arlo and family. Xxx


    1. vixterpeace Post author

      It so lovely for me to hear from others who have gone on to do whatever they want without letting diabetes get in the way . Thankyou for sharing your story . It gives me so much hope for our future … Which terrifies me daily . Xx



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