Dear Arlo 

Dear Arlo

I hope when your older and you read this blog you have finally come to terms with being a pretty amazing boy who is brave and makes us proud every second of the day. You will have crappy days and you have had some pretty crappy days . You are 6 now as I write this and there have been times where we have had to scoop you up both physically and emotionally from the bottom of the floor that you have sank into and tell you everything will be ok .

Last night was one of those nights . Having our pillow talk you turned around and asked me why you couldn’t be normal like all your friends . You hated your pump at nights and couldn’t get comfortable lying down. Through tears you said the one thing that you wished you could do more  than anything in the world was to eat something without having to think first or ask. Through sobs you said that you hated being different to everyone else at school you  wanted to stand in line just like everyone else did.

You said you wanted a pancreas that worked.

I held back the tears and told you we are all different in our own ways and that the world would be a boring  place if we all the same. We have these conversations a lot and you feel better afterwards and tell me something nice that happened with your friends or at school.


You tell us most of the time your happy and you love your friends ,family and the dog we have named but not yet actually bought .( It’s Headley Hudson for those that are interested! )

What amazes me about you Arlo now aged 6 is that you are open and honest with us and whilst sometimes you may say things that break my heart you are telling us and your not bottling it up . I hope that we have taught you that things can feel a whole lot better if you talk about them . I hope that when you read this aged 16,17 or 18 that you are still open with us , your family and your friends . You will still have type 1 diabetes , you will still have crappy days .

I make no apologies Arlo Huxley Peace you will still be a  amazing brave boy who we are beyond proud of.


Mummy and Daddy xxx


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