We are the Peace family . Which is ironic as we are anything but peaceful. Family to us is Mum (Mrs peace) , the husband (Mr Peace ) , our 6 year old super hero named Arlo , 3 cats and a whole heap of family and friends. Our house is anything but quiet ! Noise , chaos,family and friends is what makes us happy. We are a busy family both of us working & commuting to London from our small cottage in a small Surrey village. On Wednesday 4th September 2015 Peace life as we formally knew it changed forever….. Our little man Arlo was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes aged 5 3/4. This is our story of how we navigate our way through Type 1 diabetes finding our new normal . This is the story of when type 1 diabetes joined the ironically named Peace Family.


One thought on “About

  1. mumoftype1

    Hello, your link worked! I love your blog! It feels like we have a lot in common even though my son was diagnosed at 13. You are an amazing mum and Arlo is lucky yo have you! Stay sane and keep laughing! Maureen



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