That first time …..

Nothing can describe how terrifying every day is when  your  having to watch your child deal with illness. Children are amazing and they put us adults to shame with the way that they do deal with their conditions  as if nothing has changed. We as parents can often spend sleepless nights wondering if tonight’s the night that Arlo will have a crap night and days are  often spent clutching your phone through fear of missing a call from the school whilst you are at work. 

Thats just the day to day fears. Factor in holidays, illnesses, school trips, play dates and basically anything in the future you start to hyperventilate and think life would be easier if we just stayed in our little Peace  bubble in our little Peace house. Of course we can’t do this we have to get out there and we have to live so that Arlo knows he can do what ever he wants whenever he wants (except maybe join the army or become a pilot.) 

A  good friend said to me in the week of diagnosis your life will be all about the first time she went into say that first time will be scary but once you’ve done it the second, third and forth will be so much easier you will know what to do and what to expect for example   The first time you leave him, the first time you get on a plane, he has an illness …..the list is endless. She was right of course we have had a few firsts in the last 6 months and I’m pretty sure we are going to have plenty more along the way. 

On this page you will find our tales of our  first times with dealing with  normal things that we all do.  I m learning that these can  become a little bit harder and take a bit more organisation when you throw in  type 1 diabetes but one thing is anything and everything is achievable. (Except join the army or become a pilot!)